Deterrence / Yattai (Fat Ass rec)

Fresh stuff, guys! Powerful, but short split of Polish Deterrance and French Yattai turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me. Pleasant in terms of material… Polish guys offered us raw and teeth-crushing grindcore. Meanwhile, Frenchies are notable for the craziness of their stuff (I’ll come back to that later).
I know that Yattai use an old picture from their archives for the cover, and to tell the truth I didn’t like it at all. Deterrence offer a whole different story! Their cover artist approached the business quite seriously and depicted all the main woes of humankind, which are destroying our poor planet (turned out to be gloomy but very cool).
Up to my knowledge, it’s the first serious release for Deterrence. The guys offer a short but memorable performance. Sound is raw, but the material is delivered in a way like you’re approached by an old cargo train with broken breaks! These are simple and straightforward songs, and that’s why I like them. Explosive straightforward,social message grindcore with great destructive power. In other words, these guys have done a great job.
Compared to the Poles, the old French guys sound too clean, hahah. But that’s good, cause their cleaner sound makes the split more balanced. Yattai are more crazy in terms of their material, and their songs are full of punk and metal tunes. If Deterrance is an old dirty cargo train then Yattai is a Gatling machine gun, haha. I really liked the sound and the way in which the singer’s screams are interwoven with instrumental parts. All that messy sound is crazy in a good way. 🙂

Grade: 8/10 Deterrence Yattai

You can buy this LP at Fat Ass records!

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