Hicks Kinison / Corrupt Moral Altar (Fat Ass Records)

It’s a bit hard to find words to describe this release. To be frank, somehow I was unaware of both bands existence, hehe! 🙂 Both bands are very different in terms of style, and they have their interesting and unique features. Let’s proceed in order. Side A presents Union of Europe – Hicks Kinison. Their lineup is impressive. You’ll find pieces from Napalm Death, Brujeria, and Vaee Solis. As a result, each of the members added something unique to the band. For instance, «Poets Of The Underground» starts with a mighty flow of crust / sludge, and following on you can distinguish the influence of Napalm Death and Brujeria. It’s hard to call this grindcore, because there’s so much stuff in there. There’re many metal riffs, but there’re a layer of hardcore as well. Moreover, there’s a lot of dark atmosphere just listen to Towards The Edge. The sound is thick and low… there’s no ultra speed, but this sharp-toothed monster doesn’t need it. This machine will crush you because of its mass. And some extra words regarding the cover art. The artist depicted so much stuff, that I can hardly characterize the graphical style used. You can feel the spirit of Antiquity looking at the cover. However, there’re also some Freemason – like symbols. In conclusion, great job.

British Corrupt Moral Altar baked two big cookies decorated with Satan’s symbol, haha 🙂. Damn, the cover artist has a nice sense of humor. To draw a satanic boy scout with biscuits is a something fresh and new, bravo. Side B is outstanding for its speed and brutality. The music of the Island inhabitants has always been notable for its craziness. In their noise, the CMA guys mix lots of stuff: sludge, grindcore, and some metal. Meanwhile, they keep full throttle. This record is full of energy, it feels like the guys have invested a bit of themselves recording these songs. There’re plenty of moments perfectly suitable for a moshpit. The sound is very good as well as the music itself.

Rating: 7.5/10 Hicks Kinison Corrupt Moral Altar

You can buy this split HERE!

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