Inferno – Anti-Hagenbach Tape – The Beginning (‎Power It Up)

This review is an extension of immersion in history of noise and extreme music. So boys and girls let me show you something really not well known, but this thing is a necessary piece of the history of Germanic punk underground. Here is a reissue of the first Inferno demo work. I guess I can really call this record a classical example of early hardcore punk. Anti-Hagenbach Tape is the real beginning of this band, this is their very first record. It feels great that the guys were inexperienced, and did not have enough equipment. But that didnt stop them and they recorded these songs. It was 1983, these guys play crooked and noisy but I perfectly feel that in this record these guys have invested their soul. The bass guitar sound stands out and eclipses all other instruments… Despite the fact that this tape was digitized the sound master failed to repair damaged pieces. But in my opinion it`s really good I love those damaged parts they give this release more of the old atmosphere. Also for this reissue a new design was made. This old band photo looks good… it perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the old dirty times. There are more photos inside, and they really help to understand what German punks looked like in 80’s.
Rating: 7/10 Get this CD at Power it Up!

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