Sobbed – Warphobia (Grindfather Productions)

Sobbed can be compared with ancient old and fat “oni”. This band is so demonic and violent. They’re barbarian grindcore that emanates from the bowels of the damp earth… I rarely find records where primitivism is everywhere and is like a good seasoning for a dish. I mean look at this artwork it`s pretty violent and simple at the same time. I guess it’s the main key to being more brutal… I think that with confidence I can say that Warphobia are a good present for all fans of old and aggresive grindcore. This album has a dirty sound and such primitive rhythm structure… These noises are like some kind of infection which slowly is poisoning you. All 12 minutes of this tape are rich with heavy and low power… This din is like a rockfall. Personally I like this simplisity, there are not any triggers no super effects for the guitars… Just raw power. Angry loud roars, loud drums… For this moment the is their last record, I don’t know why but, they have concentrated their power to live actions and it`s kind sad. Rating: 7.5/10 Sobbed fb

You can buy this tape at Grindfather Productions

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