Blue Holocaust – Carnage + Gorified Rehearsal

Oh boy this small tape is so disgusting, haha! This definitely is a real treasure for gore lovers. By the way this is not a regular Blue Holocaust record, this is some kind of historical release. For the very first time this band found real flesh, I mean BxHx is stuffed with live members (I hope that from now on this band will cease to be only a one man band). Material on this tape was released previously but who cares?
All designs and pictures were made by Pierre (big man who is in charge of Blue Holocaust, Vomi Noir and Brain Dead Zine)… His style is very recognizable and always bears the imprint of old horror films. Just look at this sckull, blood and text design. It reminds me a little bit of the film Cannibal Holocaust. As for the noise side we have 6 slimy songs. Hmm, I feel that these old songs have become more interesting, more aggressive in this new skin. Disgusting, rotten energy which breaks out of this record that climbs into your brains and turns you into the slave of these noises, haha! 🙂 (So that decision about making a full band was 100% right). Raw and low sound, sick guitar and bass riffs, old school drums (with out any new wave bullshit, like triggers) and of course nasty, coarse, gurgling vocals (it gives the impression that it is roaring from some terrible swamp monster). Oh I almost forgot to mention these small samples from old horror movies, they bring even more atmosphere of the old gore music.
So my small gore lovers this tape deserves to stand on your shelf among others grind sweets.
Rating: 8.5/10 Blue Holocaust bc

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