Sram / Abortion

And one more grind split turned up on my turntable. So this time I`ll be listening to so noise from old dinosaurs Abortion (Slovakia) and young mincers from Sram (Russia). At first glance, this split attracts attention with its appearance. This collage is very unusual, stupid and great, isn it? All the pictures are cut from old Russian magazines about UFOs and other bullshit. I guess that’s why this stuff looks so rad, haha. Okay, hmm, let’s choose a side with which we’ll begin. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, and first will be the Sram side. Well from the very first notes you understand that ugly and dirty mincecore awaits you. Honestly, that sound quality is pretty muffled, but in general the material is good. Harsh yelling vocal, rusty buzzing guitar and ringing drums beats. All this plus a ton of fun, swing rhythms and simple but good riffs. So that how russians plays mince, ha!) Okay, now lets check the second side. Here are 6 songs from one of the oldest Slovakian grind bands. Hm… how interesting, everything starts and ends with some church music (dark atmospheric choral singing). But then the grind from Abortion kicks in hard. Their style of grindcore mixes in some death metal influences in the old school way. I mean it`s not too fast and brutal. You will hear a lot of middle tempos with heavy guitar tone accompanied by hoarse roars. It is difficult to call this noise “original” but the most original thing here is a cowbell (I don’t know why but this device rarely used for the grind). Rating: 7.5/10 Sram fb Abortion fb

If you want to order this split just shoot your order to Grindfather prod!

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