Triturador – Extreme Cranial Explosion (Cemitério Records)

Honestly to say I didn’t expect anything interesting from this CD… Very simple bloody cover artwork (who can be surprised by an exploded head?). The first impression suggests to skip this release. If I saw this album in the music shop, then I wouldn’t buy it. But it`s only a first impression which is not true. In fact this album is very good! Honestly, I didn’t expect something like this, guys from Triturador did great work. Okay let’s take a look at the band history… This band started 10 years ago, and to be honest their early material is not so good. But, years had passed and these Brazilian maniacs made a really bloody blast. The “Extreme Cranial Explosion” was by far different from previous works. I would say the main tone in this album is a good low sound. Simple rhythmic structures create nice decent vibrations. These sounds, guitar riffs (and some other elements) remind me (just a little) of a famous “Brain Corrosion” album (from Dead Infection in case if somebody forgot that :)). Also I like the fact that the members used few different vocal arrangements with some loud screams and roars (It seemed to me that this guy is trying very hard to imitate style of Jaro, hehe). Rating: 8/10 Triturador

You can buy this CD HERE!

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