Decomposing Serenity / Proctalgia

Noisy, evil, bubbling split of two one-man-bands, American dead dolls lover Decomposing Serenity and big fan of huge asses Proctalgia (Philippines)…
It seems to me that moving to America had a small influence on the art of Witter Cheng. His noise became more cacophonous, the material steered a little bit away from the gore madness which was familiar to the listener… Now there’s more metal influence…But, I can’t say I liked this. Motly guitar solos in the background are kinda funny. There is, a huge variety of vocals… pitch-shifted growls, some times croaking and funny, like gremlin squeals… About the sound, I can’t say it differs with its solidity and juiciness, it reminded me of how bands sounded in the 90’s.
Don’t know why, but I haven’t enjoyed the Proctalgia side of the split. It ended be kind of flat (both the cover and the music itself). The advantages are evil vocals and interesting guitar sound…and probably cute samples from old horror movies but the material is too monotonous. Of course everything is not so bad, some good pieces streak… But, very few. Decomposing Serenity: 7.5/10 Proctalgia: 6/10

You can buy this split at LSORecs!

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