Sarkast – De-Generation

Next on my turntable is the latest album from German bombers Sarkast! First of all I want to admit that this LP formalized very competently… Yes I know that all those skulls, tottal contol theme and world destruction themes are super absolete and not new, but everything was done right this time. This picture looks a bit grimy, I guess))) All the De-Generation songs are in German language, but there is a short explanation for every song in English. The lyrics are all serious and are about important topics. There are a lot of words about greedy corporations, modern consumerism, and of course, lets not forget about feelings of degradation… Yes yes… this is not a new or unique subject, but we cant keep silent about this reality. The main act starts after a strange intro. Then into paralyzing noise! The music has a Germanic simplicity mixed up with a decent portion of grindcore and crust. The album isn’t too fast or violent in my opinion. The band focuses on the overall riffs and ambience. Personally, the guitar sounds a little bit dry but everything else is fine. I really enjoy these simple song structures and rhythms, which is the right way to do it if you want make good noise (in my opinion of course). Swinging slow parts fit perfectly into the whole fast picture… I can definatly say that they create a good dark atmosphere. There aren’t too many blast beats here. They mainly ride the d-beat, but there is nothing bad with that! The drummer did a good job! Almost forgot to mention some basic things… This LP contains 8 songs and 1 bonus song. There is a lot of good songs to in this album. Powerful “Plastination”, chaotic “Larvenpuler” and my personal favorite “Privatenflagge”…

Rating: 7.5/10 Sarkast bc Sarkast fb

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