I don’t know why but it seems Canadians won’t stop…this nation has so much energy that there is no place where to spend it. So people are creating new bands or continue to play, or reunite in different “play loud drum fast” bands. Here is a great examle of releasing of such an excessive energy.
Existench songs are just as raw and stinky as the smoke that they featured on the cover. This band has a lot of releases behind its back, and its history is very interesting as well. The sound might be weak and soft, but the songs sound very good. Raw, a little bit primitive, but very powerful. Derek’s vocal style reminded me of old angry hardcore punk. This guy doesn’t turn his throat inside out so we can hear the text well (which is pretty rare for grindcore, ahaha).
Deboned surpsised me again. Their material doesn’t sound like grind at all, it is more like old good thrash metal (with disgusting toxic grind stench). When I was listening to these songs I imagined a bunch of hairy bodies making a full kick-ass in a circle pit, ahah! I think this effect is made by the sound which is very good (it’s sad that only few metal bands use such sound). I don’t know what the others think but I liked this small experiment and got only positive impressions.

Rating: Existench – 7    Deboned – 8

You can buy this split thru the Outrageous Defecation records!

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