Visions Of War – Swine Parade (Power It Up)

Okay enough empty words! This is a real crust bomb! This CD contains both albums from belgian bombers Visions Of War! Needless to say that both of them was released only on vinyl format and were previously not useful to people who do not have turntables. I like the way how both albums intertwined on this CD. It is related to the name and to the art. Especially arts, hehe)) That dreadful pig with bunch of human skulls, this and many other details looks really nice. Lets open this buzzing box and look inside. Annnndddd this huge container with radioactive slime has 21 missile. Hm… the sound, fuck, this sound is really something. It`s heavy a little bit raw also you can hear all instruments. But most of all I love power and energy which burns in it! This double album have so much d beat (someone’s call them “tupa tupa” beats, hehe) sections… Classical low and crispy sound of bass guitar feels good to ears. Loud roars and yellings. And of course guitars are good too. Simple structures and riffs just overdosed this CD… their chainsaw sound is so strong. And for the almost end I left few words about this gorgeous energy. It sparkles from the speakers and penetrates into you forcing you to run and jump. I guess it`s incredibly difficult to resist to this powerful wave of energy. Rating: 8.5/10 Visions Of War fb Visions Of War fb

You can order this CD at the Power it Up

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