Warfair? – From Inception To Disentigration • Discography

Split up, but not forgotten. In their own way, these guys are one of the best. Seriously, those who heard them will agree. This cassette contains all 55 songs. Cover art has two sides. One side is kinda funny, but another one is all about social problems…hunger, Nazism, human mind control, etc. So, guys, let’s push the “play” button andimmerse ourselves into the dark side of grindcore.
Oh, this thing has 9 unreleased songs as a very nice bonus! Then the compilation goes, next the album, the splits and all demos. It’s really great that this cassette starts with the last (and the best one in my opinion) material. Hell, this grindcore just pushes to death with its power. This is like all nature cataclysms tucked in one bottle…you won’t survive after that, hehe! Simple song structures combined with the energy and fury hurricane are definitely a thing! It’s exactly what’s bones-crushing grindcore is all about. A little bit filthy, low, barbarian sound will easily winvyour heart. The guitar sound here is just like chainsaw cutting the asphalt. Blastbeats sound like a caveman beating a mammoth at a very high speed. And these vocals…they sound like the devils from hell screaming after spotting your cute soul, ahaha!)

Rating: 9,5/10  

Break your piggy banks! Buy this tape directly from Warfair? or from Grindfather prod! 

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