Reeking Cross / Sensory Deprivation (Grindfather Productions)

This tape has almost wrecked my player, hahaha! Shit, that was heavy, low and raw… For me, this split is one of the last year’s best releases. Still, I’ll try to be as objective as I can writing these words. So… Reeking Cross is a US noisecore band with people from Enemy Soil, Triac, etc. (I think that’s why you can here familiar structures common to powerviolence here and there). The band has only bass, no guitars… What has always amazed me in RC’s stuff is the sound… When other noise guys try to grease the sound and make the record dirtier and noisier, it’s not the case for RC. They have clearer sound (sounds stupid, right? haha), but it’s very wicked and intense. Fast blast beat attacks alternate with slow parts… like at some moments the guys break listeners into pieces and then mop up the concrete with them. The guys from Sensory Deprivation have pretty much amazed me. …amazed in a sense of playing something really evil and disturbing in the vein of Warsore. Even though their sound is not so cool, the material itself is great. It’s absurdly simple, but has an incredible destructive power. Low guitar, fast blastbeat and scary screams – all that stuff rips off the meat from the bones! By the way, SD is a project of Soil of Ignorance guys. Something tells me that this is the way guys decided to honor the legacy of this legendary Aussie band. PS: for ones interested in the cover – it’s a frame from a scary trash horror movie “Street Trash”.
Rating: 8.5/10 Sensory Deprivation Reeking Cross

You can get this and many other cool releases at Grindfather prod!

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