Haggus / Recalcitrant (Fuck Your Life Records)

Behind the huge Mexicans’ disgusting rotten carcass there’s one of the best tape releases of 2016. This tape is rather short but very stimulating and good – one of things you rewind again and again until the tape is rubbed off from listening. The first ones to rape our ears are the guys from Oakland… So, there’re only 3 short songs, but I can tell you with certainty that it’s one of the best pieces Haggus ever produced. The leading track Psychotic Mechanic surprised me in a nice way – some nice hearty punk-gore… memorable and energetic. Merry rhythms make you wanna dance. Gore Machine is memorable for its dark and intense intro – the result is disturbing and atmospheric… Mutilated for Amusement is fast, aggressive and full of blastbeats. This song reminded me of the guys’ early material. Next, Recalcitrant’s noise bites our ears. I remember that these LA guys’ demo was really cool… The guys tried to create something new and succeeded in it. In general, stuff got a bit more primitive, with a focus on blastbeats and anger. I’d like to attract your attention to Self Demise song – it reminded me of the famous Regurgitate a bit. Also you’ll find deformed vocals there… All in all, very few things there remind of the debut work… and I think it’s good the guys decided not to stick to rigid boundaries.
Rating: 8.5/10 Haggus Recalcitrant

You can buy this tape HERE!

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