Agathocles & De Blenders

Ha! The idea used for the cover is amazing. The The redrawn cover of the famous Sex Pistols album looks just great! And you’ll never think that behind such a cover there can be hidden something noisy and disgusting, haha! So… As far as I know, De Blenders – is one of the projects of the Belgian underground activist Brame (Bite Down, De Blenders, Prisoner 639, Vleesklak Record). In his noisy project he chills at full throttle paying tribute to the old noise collectives. There’re almost 15 dozens (what a madness, haha!) of short noisy songs. This noise is more like machinegun sound, haha! Raw, noisy, crazy and ear-damaging. So if you’re into old noiscecore, add De Blenders to your collection soon! I won’t introduce good old Agathocles to you – you already know them well. There are bands which we like for their new ideas, different sound etc. And there are also bands from which you don’t expect any experiments. AG is one of the latter kind of band – we know them for persistence and outstanding voluminosity. You’re not gonna hear anything new on this split, but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore this split. Listen to it and cheer up from Belgian masters’ songs. Btw the vinyl version of this split contains a few bonuses – live songs recorded just after the guys arrived from the Asian tour. Grade: 7.5 / 10 De Blenders AG: 

You can order this LP at Vleesklak records

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