The Arson Project – Disgust (Power It Up)

The “Disgust” is a some kind of problem child. This album was born in torment… there was so much delays but finally the DAY has came and this painful and ugly monster was released. Feels that this album worked through to the smallest detail. A whole design looks like one big arts (I mean cover and inside pictures). The artist tried very hard to convey a dark and heavy athmosphere and we should admit that he made it for 100%! The gloomy detailed drawing perfectly combines with the music on this CD. As like the arts, those songs full of deep sullen aura. These eleven things has a sharp and painful form. The whole sound is pretty “modern” but really good. I mean it`s clear, you can perfectly catch all instruments and samples. For sure this album will be in top grind albums for this year. I really love that way how did guys combine hardcore, grindcore and metal. That mix like big hurricane it can destroy everything… Here is alot buzzing guitar riffs which passing at high speed. Also lets single out that bass sound… that clang sound turned my brain into mess, haha!) And of course these blast beats I can only compare them to the sounds of artillery (they are so extremly fast). But here is not only ferocity and speed, there is a lot of good slow pieces wich can rub you into powder. Just check Downward Spiral song… that thing full of gorgeus dark slimy sludge hardcore (this song has so strong athmosphere). Especially I want say thanks for these sendples from the news and different interviews. They makes this album even more better. This album has a fantastic end… it`s ends with George Orwell words: “If you want a picture of the future. Imagine a boot standing on the human face – forever”… These words are very impressive.

Rating: 9/10  TAP bandcamp   TAP facebook

You can order this album at Power It Up! 

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