Stheno / Facada – Primitive

This is hard but tasty dish… this barbaric meal spiced with hellish hot Greek and Brazilian sauces. Let`s start with this interesting and “primitive” design. The artist used a pretty cool idea, I think we can call this episode historical. I mean this act on this picture, when slave kills his master… this is cruel but full of justice. Also the artist used ancient rock carvings of animals, and this added brutality to the whole arts (that was really great idea).
From Greek land with 7 songs dehuman Stheno is coming ! This time this trio surprised me… their songs contain really many different genres and the sound is so hard and powerful. Okay mostly it`s death/grindcore but drops of black metal, crust and old hardcore punk made this record very rad. Fast grind drums bombardment and tight guitar riffs just crushing everything on their way… crust/punk parts make you swing… Some of these songs were recorded with the guests, here is the list of theme: Jim Politis/The Ghost Notes, James / Facada, Takafumi Matsubara / GridLink. Also I must notice good dark athmosphere whiсh is inherent in almost all the songs. And of course this badass G.B.H. cover… aarrghhh! This portion of hooligans noise can kick your ass, haha!
And now it’s the turn for Brazilian savages from concrete jungle – Facada! Just like always these guys dont like to talk they just attack. Attack you with raw blasting and smashing grindcore. The whole sound is pretty dirty and raw but I like that… it`s no too bright but tight. Simple song structures are supplemented with unstopable muddy power and aggression. I especially love a punk stench which envelops all these blasts/d-beats, guitar riffs and roaring screams. By the way it is the shortest part on this CD it`s only 4 songs and about 4 minutes… and it`s pretty sad because these brazilian headhunters can rip your asses apart.

Rating: 8/10 Stheno Facada

You can support both band and buy this CD thru them or you can get this split at Scull Crasher Records / Drunk With Power Records / D.I.Y. Koło Records / Läjä Records

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