Sedem Minút Strachu – Sedem Minút Samurai (SPHC Records)

Scary neanderthals that smell like toxic onion stench settled on the shores of the glorious country of the sun and began their barbaric attack! 🙂 Sedem Minút Samurai was recorded during the Japan Tour of this glorious trio. An interesting fact: famous (in small circles) master of noise Ryohei Kikuchi took his part in recording these 33 seconds of noise. And it was issued specially for American SMS tour (a limited issue), the casual version was released in the begining of 2017 on old-fashioned vinyl format (with a big hole), all this madness is a job of SPHC rec… Sedem Minút Strachu is translated as “seven minutes of fear”. And indeed, this recording contains exactly 7 minutes of wild, primitive, horrible and rude noise. In case someone didn’t know or forgot, I’ll remind you that these guys play two basses without any structures or rhytms memorized before the recording. SMS noise is 100% improvisation. This trio’s noisegrind stands out thanks to its low solid sound and aggressive primitivism (I think something similar was played at neanderthals’ parties, ahaha.). I dont’t know about the others but these guys evoke primitive emotions in me, aggression and anger, they force me to look for a doe and some food 🙂 In addition, the last 30 seconds show us the difference between Jan and Ryohei styles of playing.

Rating: 8/10  SMS bandcamp page

You can buy this EP at SPHC Records!

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