Pain Tank – 97​,​901​,​726

Okay boys and girls, this band is new for me and, I guess, not many of you know it too. So let me start with a little story about the band itself… The Pain Tank has originated in 2016 in Washington. “Pain Tank is a mirror to the suffering in this world.” thats how they describe their band. And indeed these noises full of suffering and pain, in their songs guys talk about war (especially about all episodes were the America has been involved in). This design is hard, I mean it consists of many harsh and cruel photos (mostly from Vietnam War). All this marines, guns, jungles and remains of victims… Shit this stuff is really creepy (despite that fact that this photos was used many time they still make affect on me)… 

The “97​,​901​,​726” was recorded in live action. 8 hours of hard work plus final sound mastering. In this way guys wanted to catch all power, all anger and ferocity. And you know what? They’ve done it well. These noises full of chaotic hard and dark energy. I can not say that I liked Pain Tank for 100% but this album worth listening to. Here is few main strong and rad things that I notice for myself on this CD. First of all it`s a hardcore sound of bass guitar. This strong metal ringing can smash you. And just listen to this yelling it`s seems that vocalist really suffer… his voice full of pain (this is sound really dreadfully). Also I must admit that this dark gloomy atmosphere just pushes you into the ground! I guess there is more brutal hardcore then grindcore… but anyway this shit sound very heavy 😉 

Rating: 7.5/10     Pain Tank bc    Pain Tank fb 

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