Forged – Self-Titled (Grindpromotion records)

When it became known to the public that Forged is going to release new EP, fans if powerviolence were joyed. And I was joyed too, because this band does its best and sounds convincing, their painful noise sticks in your head for a long time. This West Coast Powerviolence band sure has a solid reputation on a local scene, played on a lot of stages and fests, and also are very popular outside of their country, so it means something, right? So let’s get into it and figure out what their music is all about. They reminded me a little of good old No Comment, but a lot angrier and with much deeper and wider sound. This vinyl is red quite on purpose, just like its content, displays anger and hate…As I wrote earlier, their sound is amazing, just like the overall vibe. Punchy bass, overwhelming vocals, solid guitar and drums, it all together sound just like a fighting crowd, haha! This angry stuff needs to be heard, but in short bursts and in the morning so you got just enough hate for the day 🙂 Red color suits the overall design. I wonder who is this grim guy with a machete on a photo?)

Rating: 8/10      Forged fb   Forged bc 

Buy this EP at Grindpromotion rec! 

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