Rust / Arroyo (B.O.G. records)

What a cute, orange diy tape, my hands haven’t held such a thing for a long time. In addition to it’s beautiful design, this item contains a good piece of moldic mincecore / grindcore. This release consists exclusively of representatives of the Finnish scene. By the way, for Arroyo this split is final as they decided to split up. It is worth saying that the recording on this cassette is very noisy, but I’ll try to describe the sounds I could hear there. Anyway, our story begins with Arroyo… despite all that mold and filth on the record, their songs sink deep into the mind (I think it’s because of their simplicity, hilarity and cheerfulness). Moderate tempo dominates here, but occasionally I just really want to drink my beer in one gulp and rush to dance, ahah). Even the dampness of this record can not hide the cheerful spirit that Arroyo give. There are many typical (as for the followers of Agathocles) rhythmic drawings and guitar riffs (it gives little flashbacks when listen to it). But the presence of two different vocals on the contrary – pleases. We turning up to the next page. The Rust band does not play the typical mincecore (as far as the term “typical” for this genre can be applied)… Aggressive speed dominates in the works of these guys. Their songs are perfectly pumped, you will not remain indifferent while listening to the rumblings of this avalanche, these ragged buzzing guitars, the machine-gun blast bits, like a wave, it drives you crazy, ahah! And the dampness of the sound here is like a mold on cheese, it adds a taste to this material.

Rating: Rust – 8/10 Arroyo – 7,5/10

You can buy this tape at B.O.G. records!

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