Restricted Rights / Skunk

I want to dedicate this review to my good friends from both bands Skunk and Restricted Rights. This split is full of dirty noises, good swing rhythms and filled with serious social life themes… At the very first look this split seems to be super deep and cruel, the innocent victim topic is very close to me… War, suffering, death, dead children, hunger… The artist did a great job. This picture looks very detailed and the longer you look at it the more you can see. First three songs are from Restricted Rights. It`s a pretty dirty and angry crust punk featuring the member of Dehumanized Earth (if I remember it right). Guys attack with 2 songs of their own and one cover on Malignant Tumour. As I’ve already said they play muddy sound with good power. Their first song is about animals, terrible experiments on them, and their rights. The second one is a cover on “Commands From The Oval Throne”. And the third song is about War… It sounds like this raw record was made in someone’s basement but somehow these songs are so alive. Powerful bass sound, nice drum work and smeared guitar with a drop of screams and roars. This pile of raw noise sounds very cheerful… The next attack is coming from Skunk. So, our stinky trio released 3 songs for this vinyl as well. Despite the fact that their grind d-beat is rather cheerful, the songs are very serious, almost all of them are dedicated to war. These 3 songs are like powerful bombs that are falling on your heads… energy from that noise will charge you and brings you back to life after horrible hangover. The guitar riffs swing you and then smash you against the wall… with distorted roaring and painful drumbeats, this nuclear noise will crush you down. Skunk have some members from Flash Out and Archagathus and this is enough, I mean you can feel the influence of those bands in Skunk noise (but it`s definitely okay). 

Rating: RR 7.5/10 Skunk: 8.5/10

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