Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd

Today I will talk about double grind/crust attack from Sweden. Both bands are not well known but both are truly good. I don’t know who drew this cover but I’m sure that the artist was inspired by the old fantastic B movie genre. Post-apocalyptic gloomy view, strange people with guns, pillars of smoke and old machinery… this art looks really nice. But music here is key so let’s put this CD into player and check out what both bands have prepared for us. 
Without any warnings and without the chances of escape this grindcore will crash your bones and flesh. Resonance Cascade show no mercy, they act fast and harsh. God damn, this is heavy. Blasting parts are not the only thing this ruthless madness has; this material contains nice melodies (which makes this record even better). Resonance Cascade use a very simple recipe – they mix ferocity, speed and good sound (and I want to admit they do it very good and skillfully). But what I like the most here is a clanking and ringing sound of bass guitar (it`s a perfect weapon for crashing your brain and hearing). Also I want to shake the drummer’s hand. His mad blast beats can destroy everything! 
Guys from Järnbörd are second on this split. Pretty new name for me. Raw d-beat/grindcore they play can easily make your ears suffer. Fast drum beats meet buzzing guitar riffs. All these songs have dark and sticky atmosphere, and a nice crunchy bass sound. There is a lot of punk spirit here but it is no silly fun – all songs contain serious themes. What should I say in the end? This d-beat/grind machine can smash everything that comes your way. 

Rating: Resonance Cascade – 8/10 Järnbörd – 7.5/10 

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