Agathocles / G.O.D.

I believe that idea of this split was born when the Agathocles visited Canada (and had a gig with GOD of course). So here we are, 1000 copies on nice 4-panel Digipak with folded single sided insert for Agathocles in the right pocket. Cover art for this Cd was made by Polish artist. What can I say…I really love the way he mixed the most famous covers of both bands. The Maciej Kamuda did a great job again! This monkey and monsters from the “Thing” looks so badass! Bravo! Both sides of this split are live records. AG brought something from their old stuff (these songs were recorded on 29th of March 2014 in Geel, Belgium) and G.O.D. part was recorded at The Spill in Peterborough on January 16 2016. Hm… everything’s fine but I guess it would have beeen much better to record both bands at one gig (but anyway, we have what we have). This CD starts with Agathocles side. A little bit dirty but so good, these noise sounds are so great. 13 songs are full of ferocity and nihilism. You will be able to listen to some old hits and more or less new songs as well. Raw and angry yelling, noisy guitar and bass sounds, and of course beats from sir Nils. That’s what awaits us on this split. Oh, I almost forgot, at that live set, guys played two covers on Lärm and Kuolema.
So, Grotesque Organ Defilement is coming up next. This band is really unique. The way they mix grindcore and gore is so goooooood. Pitshifted and crazy clear screams, nasty and filthy guitar, this all makes me feel wonderful. But, in my opinion, this band stands out thanks to their drummer. That guy has a pretty unusual drumming style, and this is the first thing you`ll notice when listening to GOD songs.

Rating: 8/10

Folks you can buy this CD at Canada thru Death By Digital ‎or in Great Britain thru Grindfather Productions

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