Ground – Squalor (Death By Digital)

The American team from New Jersey has a great sense of humor and a love for a hardcore. There are a lot of people who named them a false grindcore/hardcore. But they are not upset, even on the contrary they laugh at this stuff. They make a lot of memes about themselves (and in my opinion it`s really great). Guys do not care about the opinions of others they just play what they like. So the “Squalor” it`s their second album and in compared with the “Under”, new one is more into hardcore side. Here we have a chance to hear many characteristic rhythms and (not so much) badass harcore back vocals… also groovy pieces prevail over grind smashing parts. I really like that how guys mixed hardcore from 90th with heavy blasting grindcore. And I`m sure that grindcore is a very good field for different experiments (because even fast noise is some kind of art). But I really dont get why Ground add that beatdown stuff into their songs. And its seems a bit superfluous (if you ask me ;)) because all material already have enough swing energy (but maybe it`s because that I dont like that modern hardcore things). This album is fast enough, it has great aggression but there’s still something that does not allow me to feel this album for 100%. Also among these strong robust tracks you will find nice covers on Madball and Mortician (strange combination isnt it?:))… 

Rating: 7.5/10    Ground fb   Ground bc

You can order this tape HERE!

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