Beelzebeat – Mondo Trasho Or A Strange Walk On The Filthy Side

Maybe for someone this review will be something like an offtop but I can’t keep a silence hahaha! The Beelzebeats are really strange band, why? That because guys mix psyhobilly, grindcore and rock n roll! I guess many of hard grind and psychobilly fans don’t like them “because it`s a boolshit not a grind/psycho” hahaha, but fuck them. This groovy music overcrowded with mad swing energy. If the names “Gore Beyond Necropsy”, “Noise a Go Go`s”, “Penis Vibrator” are not the empty sound for you then you will definitely love “Mondo Trasho Or A Strange Walk On The Filthy Side”. So let’s start our research work with a cover. Artist who made this was 100% stonnneeed, hahaha! A red demon who climbs from turkeys ass… what can I say? It`s really and truly madness and big folly!) This music can turn you on with a first song! This album full of good rolling rhythms. The Contrabass sound so angry and so loud that makes me dance!) But this songs dont sounds like typical psycho or rock’n’roll, all they are a little bit dirty and raw and that make them better. Yelling and roaring vocals, also small balst beats parts all of them unite in a bizarre mash. All song full of dirty and nasty and stupid themes, Beelzebeats make a fun of many things. Maybe this album will be no too fast or not too dirty for someone but this album will 100% leave a smile on your faces.
Rating: 8/10 Beelzebeat bc Beelzebeat fb

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