Zombie Assault – Video Nasty (Eclectic Productions)

So guys we got a debut today! New band, new purulent acne on Canadian skin? ha!) But I hasten to assure you, despite a new name the guys which play in Zombie Assault have a robust experience. For example, the rhythm sections of Putrescence (R.I.P.) involved into this project. Okay, I think this design is not so great and also not impressive. BUT! You will definitely love this nice, rotten stuffing of this CD. You will have a 40-minute immersion into the dungeon to the living dead, haha!

The Video Nasty stands out with a good cheerful and frisky rhythms. Guys made a great work, they made a great mix between old death metal and crust punk. One of the best here is the dense guitar sound, powerfull roaring vocals sound nice too. And lets not to forget about indestructible rhythm section (by the way the bass guitar sound here is really lovely). I can say that sound master was able to make a sound ala “from the grave”, personally I did not feel the larvae crawling over me, but anyway this sound is very good. Dan Ryckman (Archagathus, Skunk and others) was in charge of that. The album is full of heavy energy which fills you up while listening. I surely believe that these sounds are great for raising you from the dead after strong yesterday’s booze, haha!)

Rating: 8/10 Bandcamp page Facebook page

Order this CD HERE!

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