Cruel Face – Eu Amo Desgraça… Por Isso Adoro Muito Tudo Isto! (Grindfather Productions)

Sunny Brazil is famous with not only beautiful women and strong coffee. Fans of grindcore know that this large and green country is also rich with awesome grind bands.Today we are going to listen to the discography of the legendary mammoths – Cruel Face. This is great and very powerful tape release which will immerse you into the history of the life and creative work of this band. “Eu Amo Desgraça..” It’s a monolith which contains 59 songs. It includes all songs from splits and compilations, and most importantly, there is a full-length album (it is acting as the core of its release). Cruel Face performs dirty mid-tempo grindcore that will make you crawl in pain. It penetrates under the skin, flows in the veins and explodes in your brain. You can compare these lethal rhythms with the savage axe, the axe that repeatedly digs into you, tearing the flesh. Many people say grindcore is very monotonous thing (Yes, some stupid people talk like that), but CxFx play very diverse stuff. There’s a lot of old school gridcore (something like Napalm Death and Terroriser stuff), there are songs with large share of punk, and sometimes there’s something from minscore. I think we can safely say that this discography will be able to quench the thirst of discerning of listeners.

Rating: 8/10   Cruel Face fb   Cruel Face bc

You can order this cassette at Grindfather productions!

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