Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes

Wow it`s a really tight split! Both bands are a good examples of harsh and blast grindcore. Both they are full of ferocity, speed and deadly power. So lets put this vinyl on my turntable and switch on this hell! 
Side A – Dead Issue. This guys are one the best representatives of USA grindcore bands. This squad is manned with fragments from Bloody Phoenix & Endless Demise (so you can imagine what will be waiting for you, haha!). But for the first deal lets look at the cover. Hmm I guess this time guys tried to be as primitive as possible (in comparison with previous works of course), but anyway it`s stil looks pretty elegant. Sad but this is the last 4 songs from them (now Dead Issue are in deep hiatus), but how dangerous they are, hehe!) There is so much good riffs and rhythms… All songs consist of simple structures. All noise begins with slow intro and then the hell opens! That shit sounds like a explosion in a quarry, big “boom” and then little pieces of rock scattering around with a crazy speed. Guitars sound is low and sharp, drums beats painfully beat you on the brain, and gloomy vocal will finish you off.

Side B – Raw Noise Apes. The barbarian squad from Greece. Stop whatever you’re doing and check this gorgeous arts! Niihama-san (badass artist from Japan) made this one. This picture is pretty psychedelic and contains so many small details. Fuck i really want a shirt with that art, haha!) It`s like a “Raw Noise Apes in Wonderland” hahaha!) So now lets talk about the noise. Like I said before, these guys are real barbarians (they dont mix water and vine like they ancestors in ancient Greece, lol) their songs are raw, dirty and primitive too. Guitar sound is heavy like an old Titan punch! Guys use few vocal styles and that add to this noise more anger. All instruments sound like one well-tuned rusty machine haha! 

Rating: 8.5/10  Dead Issue   Raw Noise Apes 

Support undergraund and buy records! You can order this split directly from the bands or you can buy it HERE!

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