Analog Freaks Records!

We are Analog Freaks Records – survivors of the digital age. We love cracking of the vinyl and buzzing of the tapes. We decided to go against the stream of just downloading music from the Internet. Therefore, we joined the army of labels preserving these classic analogue formats, because we think they are essential for the d.i.y. underground. We strongly believe in d.i.y. spirit and this policy is also reflected in the package of our releases. We try to dedicate most of our time and effort until they look perfect, but still have a personal imprint to it. We are analog freaks. Take it or leave it! 

Contacts: Official site  


AFR#001: Unattended Funeral ‒ S/T tape cassette – two presses
AFR#002: Boiling Point ‒ S/T 7″ record
AFR#003: Möbius ‒ The Magic of Macabre 12″ record
AFR#004: DRNSMS ‒ S/T tape cassette
AFR#005: Agents of Abhorrence ‒ Earth.Water.Sun 

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