Final Exit – Seasons Are Going And Going…. And Lives Goes On (SPHC)

A great band, gorgeous album… At first “Seasons Are Going And Going…. And Lives Goes On” was released in 2008 (in CD format). But vinyl pervert Dan McGregor decided to re-release this noisy thing on his own label SPHC rec. And so this album got a skin in the gatefold form, and all songs perfectly fit on one side of this LP (so we got single side vinyl). The sound was remastered and sent to the factory. Funny facts: all songs got the names of all calendar months also design contains a beautiful picture of all 4 seasons (I especially like those golden trees in autumn lights). After listening to this album I can say the next: it’s unbelievable crazy and strange album, haha!) All songs are different, some of them are harsh and cold, chaotic and mad like “January” for example. Also there are a songs with melodic, lovely romantic guitar moments like “March” or “April”, and in “May” we can hear light and nice punk rock (what surprises and confuses, haha). But most of all I want to highlight the “June”, the banter on Iron Maiden song just warmed up my soul . And in moments like these (different melodic, sunny fun stuff) Final Exit put their brand sick and evil noisecore. It’s pretty pity that this LP is so short… 

Rating: 8.5/10    Final Exit fb

Buy this LP at SPHC records! 

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