Concussive / Scum Human (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Did you miss the good ol’ powerviolence? Were you looking for something solid that will crush your skull? Well then, I can recommend this humble but very angry split. German label RSR released two debut material from two bands on one record. Let’s take a closer look on what we have here.
OK, side A, here we have a demo record of Concussive from California. 15 songs in almost 4 minutes full of anger. Songs are short, fast, rough, full of violent vibe, they did a very good job on this record. Great and memorable guitar riffs are backed up with very raw sound, which is very important for powerviolence, if you ask me.

Scum Human (Canada) was one hell of a discovery for me last year. Powerful, “balls of steel”-like, fast and very angry, their music is able to fucking kill you, haha! Their material reminded me of an old school powerviolence. There’s a lot of distinctive change of tempo which crush your bones and then slowly grind it to the concrete. Это смертоносный шум мне напомнил нечно среднее между старыми работами Apartment 213 и Spazz. This deadly joyful noise reminded me of something like old Apartment 213 and Spazz.

Rating: 8/10    Concussive     Scum Human

You can order this split HERE! 

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