Final Exit / Erectile Dementia (Backwoods Butcher Records)

Oh guys, this split definetely will cheer you up, even if you are not a huge fan of noisecore! I would lie if I said that these two bands are the most insane bands in Japan and USA but it’s 100% true that these guys know how to have fun!)) Just look at this cover art, I suppose the artist depicted his feelings after listening to this vinyl, ahaha! These torn apart faces he drew are so funny.
I think many fans of evil noise are familiar with Erectile Dementia, this project is getting more and more popular after every new release. Despite the fact that many people have been and now are in band, it has an unchangeable core artist – excellent cheerful man with beard – Doug Long. His sick mind generates very interesting and warmed up noise. The most pleasant thing is that he isn’t boring and stupid, it is very various-styled (pieces with the sound of synth made me smile wide). There is no excess noisyness of sound which turns everything into a crap, everything here is on its place and sounds very harmonic. And this noise is covered with the mold of old school punk hardcore which adds some flavor to this noisy substance
This split reminded of the old legendary libertine Final Exit. It starts pretty simple, with intro when we can hear the guys connecting instruments and press buttons on the recorder, and then starts pretty nice simple melody…but it’s not as simple as it seems to be, then it fades away and the torture of human ears begins, ahaha! In this work, guys not only play noisecore but they also mix it with some punk riffs and thrash elements…in short, it is a very interesting mix of everything possible.

Rating: 8.5/10   Final Exit  

If you want contact with Erectile Dementia or buy this vinyl you need to check Backwoods Butcher Records!

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