Haggus / Girth (Fuck Your Life rec)

Short but very dirty split of two fraternal teams Haggus and Girth. Take a look on this exploded head and this crazy sight… It seems like a head of that guy has blown up after listening to this split. Well we`ll dare and we`ll listen to it too. So at first there are 3 short songs from Michigan boys Girth. Hm… a very steep, primitive grindcore breaks through this noisy and dirty record. These guys know how to make your ears bleeding and your brain blowing up. But make no mistake, except for fast blasting pieces we’ll find here some mid tempo, good dancing rhythms. The guitar pours into your ears with pleasant mud and a little bit of riffs and drums make this record more sincere. This time my old friend Haggus has disappointed me a little. These two songs are pretty boring… this material hasn’t hook me on (although it seems that everything is in its place, I mean blast bits and distorted vocals but there’s a lack of cheerfulness). Unless only “Addicted To Gore” that I like, good slow entry… raw sound, but still something is not right…

Rating: Girth: 7,5/10 Haggus: 6.5/10

You can buy this tape HERE!

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