Darkmill ‎– Feed The Poor (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Oh, and what a strange CD I got here… I’ve been thinking what to write about this one. I had to listen to it for like 3 times to fully grasp and understand this album, because guys have mixed so many different things together here. The thing that got me confused was probably the fact that this release is considered to be crust/grind/punk… And, of course, we got all those genres here, but I could hear different metal pieces as well, multiple genres (but not like in most death metal bands). And it`s pretty good that guys don’t set limits… but it sounds pretty strange. Guys did try to do their best, but despite all the efforts, it didn’t turn out to be so good…I could not really decide on whether I liked it or not, so let’s make it 50/50, shall we? But I have to point out the good parts: grind blasting parts, crust rhythms, punk sound of bass guitar and, also, I really like this semi-black metal song which is called “Little Dream”, hardcore one “Name Fallen” and of course “Puke To You”, Dissucks cover. Among the things that I don’t like about it is the sound. It`s not very bad but I think there is not enough density and low frequencies. What’s more, different metal riffs and rhythms don’t really fit the larger picture sometimes.

Rating: 6,5/10 Darkmill fb Outrageous Defecation records

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