Skruta​\​Internal Damage (Trismus Records)

For this split, guys from Skruta provided 4 raw songs. If you are a big fan of Nasum or Gadget, then it is unlikely that you would like this sound. But for me, it sounds pretty good. The only thing I do not like here is a guitar sound (It lacks meatiness and volume). All songs are cheerful with a good serve and enjoyable blast beat. Hmm… I guess, from all this material, the song “Three fingers up your ass” is amongst the best, it’s kind of protest against the activities of the local national party / organization. 

So, hello to St. Petersburg! Wow, there might be only 3 songs there but it`s one of the greatest works of Internal Damage that I have heard from them. Guys recorded very strong and high quality old school deathgrind… as expected, it sounds monolithical with a metal sharpness. The guitar buzzing is very dense, but powerful vocals easily interrupt it (this guy manner of singing reminded me of the screams of the famous Barney Greenway). And since these guys rarely record something, it`s like a big present for their fans!

Skruta: 7.5    Internal Damage: 8/10

You can grab this tape at  Trismus Records!

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