Crotch Rot / Shitfun (Cemitério Records)

Grind split? Good. Grind split with two Brazilian bands – it’s even better! This split might be old… and it`s already begun to rot… but I really want to review this example of a primitive Brazilian grindcore. The first band on this split is a band with a cute name Crotch Rot. It`s hard to believe, but there are two girls playing in this band and you have to agree that it`s pretty rare for goregrind. Their primitive and aggressive song reminded me a bit of the Czech grind scene… Why? That’s all because there are a lot of stupid, primitive dance rhythms with odd silly vocals. There is no piercing straightforwardness that is common for Brazilian grind bands (the gold standard, so to speak), but it doesn’t mean that this material sucks. I guess I was surprised by the unusual material and their desire to sound like European bands. There is a very good combination of screams/pig gruntings (without distortion) and vocals with pitshifter. But truth be told, I cannot say that I liked Crotch Rot very much…

However, I really liked Shitfun, local residents of the Brazilian ghetto. Their music has absolutely no hint of a variety and experimentalism. The guys do not bother about complicated rhythms and guitar riffs, this duo is playing what they like. They play straight, primitive and armor-piercing grindcore. Simple, strong, dirty and noisy… this music is definitely not for the fans of Antigama or Nasum, ahaha!

Rating: Crotch Rot – 6.5   Shitfun – 7.5

You can order this CD at Cemiterio records!

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