Putrescence – Voiding Upon the Pulverized

Ha, I did not expect it’s been 4 years (or maybe even more?) since that day when Putrescence was in studio for the last time. Although it’s been a pretty long time, guys didn’t lose their might, Voiding Upon the Pulverized is the real deal! But we’ve got a bad news too… this album is the last one in their nasty history. These guys put a fat full point at the end of Putrescence way. By the way this album has a very posh design. This theme might be trite but it’s performed very well, with great quality. All this dump of human remains and workers that dump rotting stuff in a heap… Uhhh, it looks very strong and I hope that many of you will get sick because of this picture, haha!

Canadian butchers stick to their favorite theme of disrupted bodies, pestilence and etc. Each of 11 songs on this album is crammed with these cheerful things, he) For some of you, Putrescence may seem trivial and dull but I really like the way they skillfully mixed death metal with goregrind. The whole album is impregnated with heavy atmosphere and low and dense sound, and that makes this album sound like an old paver that is slowly pressing down the corpses 🙂 There are no ultra-speeds or ultra-low distorted roars (if you want something like that you can always turn on LDOH) All fans of the old goregrind and death metal will definitely enjoy this album. Once one is done listening to mid-tempo rhythms and sawing guitars, everything that will remain of their brains is gonna be a bunch of chopped rotten pieces!

Rating: 8/10    Putrescence bc    Putrescence bc

Grab this LP at  Fat Ass rec or cry later!

You can buy CD version at Eclectic productions! 

Tape version is available at deathbydigital.bigcartel.com 

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