Gruesome Stuff Relish – Die Zombie Die (Rottenpyosis Records)

So today we’ll talk about one of the most prominent representatives of the Spanish grind scene. Let this just compilation but it’s very comfortable and well-judged with this release about of all past ways of the band. The Die Zombie Die contains many great songs and with this fantastic cover this CD is perceived as a very cool one. The designer tried much to work with the remake poster for old film Zombie Creeping Flesh… these old characters look very sumptuously in these new colors. On this compact disc you can find 23 creepy songs about various adventures of the living dead. Honestly when I listen to GSR my brain just projecting images and excerpts from old zombie films… it’s because this compilation really looks like audio version of zombie movie, hahaha!) I really can’t imagine, how guys can create and maintain an atmosphere throughout the album (in this situation with compilation)… especially this atmosphere of old gloomy cemetery is perfectly felt on the slow rhythms. GSR is easily recognizable thanks to its simple and not complicated rhythms, the guitar emphasis and nice solos. And of course you can not just forget about nasty yucky vocals, this cry of the old rotten zombies can hardly be confused with anything else, hehe)) Rating: 8.5/10 Gruesome Stuff Relish fb

For all orders and for trade please write to Rottenpyosis Records!

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