Dehumanized Earth – Fausses Croyances (Outrageous Defecation Records)

Quite unfairly, Canadian band ‘Dehumanized Earth’ aren’t given enough attention. Although this group is not very well known, their were very active (they had split up some years ago but now, but have since reformed and are preparing something new) and made many good things for the local Canadian scene. The songs of this band filled with serious and painful topics, which are also displayed on the cover of this album. To newcomers, Dehumanized Earth play a combintation of crust and d-beat with strongly accented bass, with vibration from which your brain pleasantly dissolves into jelly. All songs are pretty simple, sometimes played a little crooked and the overall sound could be better. BUT! I would be lying if I said I didn’t like this. I think that the main trick is the simplicity and sincerity with which play these guys. That is why Fausses Croyances is so nice to listen to – The hoarse screams and roars of vocalists, noise from guitar (in the background) and the unstoppable swatting, relentlessness of the drummer. I also need to mention the atmosphere which engulfs this release… here there is some sort of barely perceptible sadness and sorrow… like the Earth is crying from what we do with her. In some moments, I noticed something like ancient black metal… which might just be my hallucinations, but it’s great anyway!
Rating: 8/10  Dehumanized Earth fb 
You can buy this album HERE!

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