Neuropathia / Straight Hate (Fat Ass Records)

And, finally, I’ve come across something truly Polish. The split of two Polish bands, which was released by two Polish labels. Oh, Polish guys love to put some metal to their sound on their releases … although it is not strange at all, because that nation is very famous for its metal bands (take Vader for example). But first things first. First, let’s listen to the old Polish cowboys Neuropathia. Hell, I wanna shake hands with Maciej Kamuda for making this beautiful art! Been a damn long time since I saw such a strange drawing! The idea of ​​a demon that is a strawberry juice addict is freaking brilliant. Actually, let’s get down to the music part now, shall we? … Honestly, guys literally followed the Agathocles steps, they just took 2 tracks from the old split with Ojciec Dyktator and one from a collection … nothing new (as mentioned on the inside of the cover of this last record of Neuropathia, which was made 5 years ago …). But honestly, who cares if the songs are old, I liked them very much. These metal grindcore tracks got a good bunch of rock ‘n’ roll and punk rythms. To me, the sound is not raw enough, but that’s just my taste. I especially liked the sound of the bass in the song Strawberry Injection, and, in the Torino Lover song, I heard a great influence of old school thrash metal (I was pleasantly suprised) …

Straight Hate is a relatively young bang from a small town called Chelm. Their cover art is not as colorful as the one of their colleagues, but it’s more social which is more typical for grindcore. While Neuropathia experimented with old school punk and trash, these guys seem to be seriously in love with death metal. And I can’t say that guys managed to combine these two genres into something completely different. Death metal and grindcore don’t get mixed up…they simply take turns, one piece goes first, then another. It sounds a bit strange. But there’s something special about it, like in “Brain Damage”, you can hear these typical sharp death metal tones. While “The Downfall Of Authority” sounds more like punk-grindcore with its specific rhythms.

Rating: 7.5/10    Neuropathia    Straight Hate

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