Double Me / Han Solo

Take a look at how hardcore seeds richly sprouted on Italian soil! Every year, the roots penetrate and grow deeper, and the fruits of this plague are becoming more and more juicy. We are eating one of these fruits today. Although this split is not the latest one, it still did not lose its taste. Hmm, I recognize the style of the artist who designed the previous release – Double Me. Only now he portrayed bound hands covered with sores … what a gloomy image! 🙂

Hmm, I note that the Double Me sounds a little denser on this release, which pleases us even more. Even the songs are a little fiercer and livelier. New and improved Double Me still mix hardcore, punk and powerviolence. The guys know what they’re doing, and they always try to give it their all. Their side is easy to remember thanks to the simple, yet good rhythm, pleasant bass guitar intro and certainly evil, grim vocals.

But I somehow didn’t get hooked on the tracks by their countrymen from Han Solo. Their record is too crude and noisy. The part that I could make out was not very bad. Hysterical screams, fast and aggressive pieces in songs. And Han Solo used only bass, which sounds very impressive. But despite all the efforts, the sound is what brought the guys down.

Double Me: 7.5    Han Solo: 6/10

You can order this 7″ thru Here And Now! or thru WooAAargh!

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