Excruciating Terror / Cyness (Fat Ass Records)

What a split…two big names on one record. But it’s not the only thing that makes this record so awesome. Look closer at the record cover? Any guesses? No? This artwork belongs to Szymon Siech (V B R R T R D), his style is pretty recognizable. And he’s really great at his job. The design based on the Vietnam War looks both obscure and beautiful.
This is the latest release of American legends. Guys from Excruciating Terror may not have recorded any new material so far…but this live record is really something. After reunion, the guys made it clear that they keep their hands in. You will hear a couple of famous tracks on this split. It’s also worth saying that the record and the sound itself are really great…a bit raw, but solid as concrete. And the aggression the guys play with can knock down anyone. The guitar sounds like a chainsaw cutting down everything around. And Victor Garcia’s trademark vocal is what finishing the listener off…
German guys from Cyness, on the other hand, have presented some totally new tracks…There are many catchy tunes from different genres that one can pick up in their fast teeth-grinding music. If you listen closely enough, you’ll be able to hear death metal, black metal and d-beat parts echoing in the background. The sound is pretty sharp; it’s painfully piercing your ears, making its way to your brain. Blast-beats and guitar sounds are certainly great, but what I liked the most about the record are the bass guitar riffs…its crackling and chattering sound is very pleasing to the ear.
After listening to this split, I got a feeling that I’d been in a fight…the one where you kick some asses and got your ass kicked too. And when the fist fighting was over, I went to get myself a cold beer:)

Rating: 8.5/10    Excruciating Terror    Cyness

Buy this split HERE!

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