Fetus Slicer – Metamorphoses Of Sickness (Rottenpyosis Records)

Have ever heard about gore bands from Taiwan? So, me either… Fetus Slicer became for me a good, lovely and tasty discovery. According to the internet it’s a one man project and it is based in Taipei town. Hmm, those guys make a big emphasis on the pathological and the medical theme. All the decoration just simply crowded with old anatomical drawings and engravings (it’s really reminding me Carcass works). Metamorphoses of Sickness it’s the first serious release from that Taiwan guys, because before album was only obscure demos. Also I must admit that for composing music process these guys come with a big responsibility, for Metamorphoses of Sickness – it recorded 11 songs. Definitely a strong point of this album is the guitar sound and good quality of the noise material. Here you will definitely hear a big influence of old gore and death metal bands especially from legendary Carcass (Damn, I more then confident that in a time of a high school/university he just did not take off his shirt with their logo, haha). A lot of death metal riffs and tempos are very suitable here, sharp guitar solos, low bass sound and detestable vocals… all of those sounds in old way. And of course here are a lot of some dialogs parts from old horror movies… damn, listening to this album makes me to remember my school years, remember how listening same kind of music on tapes was!)) And for the end I left my analysis of weak sides of this CD. After I carefully listen to this album, I almost did not find something to complain about, the only thing that I sometimes hurt my ears by the drum-machine and at the end of the album a gloomy atmosphere of morgue are lost a little bit. I guess if Dr. Varg Huang will take more musicians (especially he need real drummer) than Fetus Slicer will sound even cooler.

Rating: 7.5/10    Fetus Slicer fb    Fetus Slicer bc

For orders write to Rottenpyosis records

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