Paucities (02.01.17)

Hi Mike. I want to interview you as Paucities’s guitarist. I discovered your band only in 2013 from Agathocles’s interview. Tell about create band, why did you decide use this name for band? Tell about changed of line-up and what happened to vocalist?

Adam Jennings and I formed the band sometime in the summer of 2009. I found the word “Paucities” in the dictionary. It means scarcity or rarity. Since there were not a whole bunch of bands around at the time going for the “mince” sound, I thought it was appropriate. I also like the sound of the word (and it ends with an “ee’s” type sound like Agathocles!) Regarding lineup changes, Adam Jennings is a busy guy, involved with many other musical projects and personal endeavors, so he left the band to focus on them. Our original drummer Omar left for pretty much the same reason.

If listen your old records with Disleksick and Jonathan Ross then can listen influence of punk! and now too. How can you calling your style except mince / grind?

There is definitely a huge punk undertone to our sound, both in style and execution. I’d say we mix elements of hardcore punk, death metal and grind into a sludgy concoction of furiosity!

Which city in U. $. A. did you play? Did you visited some places out of USA and Chicago? Did you think about tour in Europe or other countries?
We’ve only played in Chicago, IL, Deklab, IL, Rockford, IL and Detroit, MI as far as I can remember. We plan on at least making it out to more cities in the Midwest. It would be great to play anywhere in Europe. Doing Obscene Extreme would be out dream come true to be honest.
You have more than 10 split records. Couple with Agathocles (we’re love them too much) Tell about bands that is your influence and influence to Paucities? Tell about band that you have split-records?
I really enjoy all of the bands we’ve done splits with and encourage everyone to check them out. Disleksick (old-school influenced noise-core), Rottingrex (super minced-out lo-fi punk from Indonesia), Atomck (weirdo UK tech-grind!) SRAM (Russian mince masters!), Chulo (Columbian power-violent polka kings!), Archagathus (who are insane live, btw… one of the funnest shows I’ve ever been to), Lt. Dan (Midwest mince supremacy!), Future Cops (pissed off grinding hardcore), Johnathan Ross (odd, noisy UK grind). They all bring (or in some cases have brought) something unique to the table.
Also, You have split with russian band, SRAM. What do you know about russian scene? Do you make new records now? Can we expect new releases? Not a whole lot to be honest. I only know SRAM and Chewbacca Tortures, but look forward to hearing more Russian grind and mince!
We just finished recording demos for a full length LP titled “The Inner Mincing Flame” and we are trying to get some split releases in the works too.
I like video of your battle vs. Lt.DAN so much. I watched it already 30 times. Where is this place? Look like garage. What some strange places where did you play? Tell about gigs like battle, who invented it? How long this in your grind / mince / p.w. community?
The battle set with Lt. Dan was in the basement of Halfway House at Michigan Grindfest II in Detroit. Was a crazy huge fest. My noise band Winters In Osaka also played that night. Adam J and Adam T also pulled double duty since Sick/Tired played that night as well. Bands kept playing until 2 or 3 AM. Just insane partying. Was nuts. We have played legit bar-type venues here and there but we mostly play houses and DIY spaces. Most of our shows have been in small basements. Nothing too weird, I guess? It’s all standard stuff for grind bands. House shows are more fun and inclusive than a bar and I prefer them over legit venues. The only thing you miss out on is running through a good sound system.
Your songs make me crazy. You have songs about serious things and mince fun. What is meaning of your songs? Cause i found you lyrics only in couple vinyls. What is meaning of Rager Anger, Couscous and who is it Clint Nichols?
Haha, thank you! The lyrics usually bounce back and forth from Socio-political issues/internalized struggles that humans face in modern society and having fun playing in grind bands and stuff about the DIY scene. Raging Anger: the name was taken from an obscure Philipino action film I own on VHS about a guy who is stationed in a military unit, but goes insane and deserts them, killing everyone he sees and the lyrics are related to the film. Couscous is probably about eating Couscous (Adam J wrote that one). Clint Nichols is a friend of Adam J’s who runs a label called DxAxS. We appreciate his dedication to releasing grind!
Who release your records and make make art? Who draw cover for split with Atomck and Chulo?
Not sure who did the Atomck split artwork, but it is really incredible! The Chulo artwork was done by Ramona Manollini. I don’t know much about her, but after a brief sample of her work from a google search, I can say that she is a tremendous artist with a unique style which encompasses much visceral beauty. Very happy to have her be involved with one of our releases.
I know that you member in 2 bands Sea Of Shit and WInters of Osaka. Tell about that bands? Where did you play before and play now? 
WIO is the noise project Adam J. created way back in the early 2000’s. I joined the project around 2006-2007 and  I toured extensively IN whenever I could. We had many of our friends be involved with releases and live actions. The platform was very open and a ton of our friends got involved. We were very prolific and developed a good following among DIY noisers. Being a part of WIO for so many years was a truly great experience. SOS is a power-violence band which has been around since 2009. The members are good friends of mine and have been so since before I was involved with the band. I joined them on electronics a year or so ago, but I have moved to bass in the line-up. We are regularly active and have shows and releases in the works. I also make harsh noise/power electronics as Magia Nuda, myself being the core member. If you enjoy stuff like Halflings, Anenzephalia, Brighter Death Now, Plagues, Gnawed, Striations, Swallowing Bile, Cremation Lily, Deterge, Grunt, Bastard Noise, etc. please check it out.
Last songs for our grind-reader and send one’s best:
Thank you very much for the interview and thanks to all mincers for your support over the years! Keep mincing, HaHAAAAAA!
This interview was made by Stepan Kudinov some time ago. Big hugs for you bro for your work!

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