Misanthropic Ignorance!

Misanthropic Ignorance was started primarily to release my own band’s releases along with my friends projects. The label has been primarily used to for grindcore, goregrind, noisecore, harsh noise, dark ambient, and black metal projects. At this point the releasing has halted for the most part but will continue to release works from time to time. The store includes distro items, label releases, and personal collection items. (The label is ran by Kyle from Couple Skate)

Next release is that of a live PIZZAHIFIVE tape including a soundboard recording from their set at the Agathocles show in Cleveland 2016. This will be coreleased between MI, Feel Good Grind, and Haunted Hotel.

Store/Contact: Bigcartel


MI#1 – V/A- Garrett Wolfe/RedSK/Jason Evil Coveli/Simply Wow! CDr
MI#2 – Deceiver/Yporhtnasim CDr
MI#3 – Gorgonized Dorks/Garrett Wolfe CDr
MI#4 – Couple Skate – “Tales From The Corpse” 7″
MI#5 – Couple Skate/Nuklear Hellfrost Cassette
MI#6 – Whitewurm/Unrest Cassette
MI#7 – Couple Skate/Girth 12″

Not numbered/Digital only:

Couple Skate – “Raw & Grotesque”

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