Monsters of noise! This CD will be out in early 2017!

It’s one of the biggest and craziest noise compilation for nowadays! Here is the band list:

Academic Worms (Brazil)
Adolf Shitter (France)
Anal Butt (USA)
Antero Vipunen (Finland)
Ataque Demencial (Spain)
Atrofia Cerebral (Peru)

Autoerotichrist (USA)
Big Fist Johnny (USA)
Bullshit Market (USA)
Cacasonica (Ecuador)
Castration Rite (USA)
Captain Three Leg (USA)
Celebrate (USA)
Chappa’ai (Hungary)
Chopped Off Dick (USA)
Corporation Porno (Bolivia)
C.T.D. (Germany)
CSMD (Holland)
Cum Sock (Canada)
Cunts (Japan)
Deche-Charge (Canada)
Decimation of Authority (USA)
Deflowered Cunt (UK)
Derrame Fecal (Brazil)
Disleksick (Canada)
The Earwigs (USA)
Easy Bake Oven (USA)
Energumeno (Spain)
Exploding Meth Lab (USA)
Erectile Dementia (USA)
Extreme Hair Stench (Germany)
Extreme Smoke 57 (Slovenia)
Facepalm Death (USA)
Facialmess (Japan)
Farting Corpse (USA)
Final Exit (Japan)
Fuck, Bud! (Canada)
FuckFuckNoNo (Greece)
Gonorrhea Face (USA)
Gorgonized Dorks (USA)
Gowl (USA)
Grinder Bueno (France)
Hades Mining Co. (USA)
Harsh Supplement (Canada)
Holy Boner (Australia)
Holy Grinder (Canada)
Horsemeat (USA)
Hypnic Jerk (USA)
Industrial Holocaust (Brazil)
Inerte (Ecuador)
J.O.N. (USA)
KJP47 (South Korea)
L’eclipse Nue (USA)
Limbs Bin (USA)
Lotus Fucker (USA)
Maläd (Ukraine)
Masher (Brazil)
Meth Lab Explosion (USA)
Mierda Humana (Peru)
Money Hater (Int’l)
Morte Lenta (Brazil)
Napalm Death is Dead (Japan)
Neurological Decay (USA)
New Indonesian Sickness (Indonesia)
Noise on the Beach (Indonesia)
Noise Soneta (Indonesia)
New York Against The Belzebu (Brazil)
Odiadas Noisecore (Brazil)
Oksennus (Finland)
Oozing Meat (USA)
OneEightSeven (USA)
Pissdeads (Russia)
Post Natal Drip (Canada)
PTAO (Czech Republic)
Radiation Vomit (USA)
Raw Noise Apes (Greece)
Reeking Cross (USA)
Scab Addict (USA)
Scruggle (USA)
Sedem Minut Strachu (Slovakia)
Seven Minutes of Nausea (Australia/Germany)
Sensory Deprivation (Canada)
Sewer Noise (USA)
Shitnoise Bastards (Malaysia)
Sidetracked (USA)
Siviilimurha (Finland)
S.M.O.D. (Int’l)
Spacegrinder (Japan)
Suppression (USA)
Teknokrater (Greece)
Tolerance (Finland)
Kusari Gama Kill (Denmark)
Unnamed (Norway/USA)
Unpeace (Finland)
Vomits (Spain)
Why Who What (Greece)
You’re Wrong (USA)
XQM (Germany)

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