Pancreatite Necro Hemorrágica – Grossy Hymns For Grotesque Pathology

If you missed for good goregrind then this review is recommended for reading. Dark Brazilian catacombs it’s the place where corresponding bands are born… there is dark, damp and disgusting smell and that place is so full of human remains. I really liked this new album from man-eaters Pancreatite Necro Hemorrágica, and it is obviously that this album has taken its place on the shelf among other brazilian gore CDs 🙂 Design of this CD contains a very high concentration photos with images of different ugly human bodies (I was seriously afraid that the parcel with such disgusting content will not pass through the border of my country, hahaha).

After I listened to this album I can definitely say that these guys did disappoint neither themselves nor their scene, the sound and material has very characteristic features, inherent to the Brazilian goregrind bands. Whole songs are pretty vigorous, guys recorded 25 and the sound mastering is good too. The guitar and bass sound is dense, dirty and low, and it’s very great! Also I hear that here there is a little influence from death metal side (just a little but I hear some Carcass notes), just listen it and you will understand what I’m talking about. Also worth special mention that offensive gurgling vocals, it’s like a cherry on the cake…

Rating : 8/10  PxNxHx 

You can buy this CD at Cemiterio rec!

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