Crit de Fastic Records, was born in Barcelona in 2012 with Nata to the controls, but since 2015 it works from Berlin. Starts with no much money and so much love for the vinyls and for the audioshit, and some friends from Barcelona, make my first contacts with outern grindcore bands like Twisted Truth from the Czeck Republic. Then, i start to move much more in the underground scene in Barcelona and i meet a lot of bands ans projects, and different persons and friends stars to trust in my project and then, this shit begins. First local and national bands, then international bands, and with time, this projects comes alive. I have to thanx to all the bands and the people in Barcelona.


Official site


-CDF001: Twisted Truth (The pile of the scrawl), 7” -SOLD OUT
-CDF002: Rageous Intent/Final Cunt, 7” -SOLD OUT
-CDF004: Rabies/Chulo, 7” -SOLD OUT

-CDF003: Mindcrash, (ST), 12”
-CDF005: Estampido/Nuclear Assao, 7”
-CDF006: 6 Way split Goregrind 100% Marrano iberico, CD
-CDF007: 4 Way goregrind, CD
-CDF008: A Brutal Truth Tribute, CD
-CDF010: Crani Septic, (Discografia), 12”

-CDF009: Matka Teresa/Suffering Mind, 7”
-CDF011: Crippled Fox, (More trash, more fun!!), 12”
-CDF012: SxBxSx/Pulmonary Fibrosis, 7”
-CDF013: Greed/Rageous Intent, 7”

-CDF014: Sposa in alto mare/Psychotic Sufferance, 7”
-CDF015: GxOxDx/Mesrine, 7”
-CDF016: Intestinal Rot, (Re-inventing mindkind), 7”
-CDF017: Twisted Truth, (Greenhorn games), CD

-CDF021: Total Fucking destruction/Coffin Birth/ Insomnia Isterica/Skruta, 7”
-CDF022: Prisoner 639/Kadaverfiker, 7”
-CDF023: Terror Firmer / SU19B, 7”
-CDF024: Derrota, (Laberinto/perdido), 12”
-CDF025: Disturbance Project/Cruel Face, 7”
-CDF026: Kadaverfiker/Semen, 7”
-CDF028: Moñigo Corpomo 2016 CD

-CDF018: PTAO/2 Minuta Dreka, 7”
-CDF019: Matka Teresa/Aftersundown, 7”
-CDF020: Violent Gorge/LT. Dan, 7”
-CDF022: Cannibal Ferox, (Demo 2014), K7
-CDF027: Under Vultures / El Hambre, 7’’
-CDF029: Wuornos 7’’
-CDF030: Chulo / Grinding 7’’
-CDF031: Miroed (RUS), demo, K7

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