Haemorrhage & Rompeprop (Fat Ass Records)

So here is another split of this ending year. Miscreated release between spanish pathologists Haemorrhage and holland dildo-humorists Rompeprop! Let’s begin to slit this piece of disgusting noise from the start, we make an incision in the rough skin… Hm, both bands use atypical covers… instead of our usual characters from maestro Luisma we see a stylized coat of arms. And Rompeprop use beer cap (here is no any hint of madness in the spirit of old Hellcock’s Pornflakes) it`s very strange… ow, almost forgot, this split have only one side on the second side ther’s a very beautiful engraving applied. But anyway this split got a huge success and was out of stock almost immediately. So Fat Ass rec had to urgently do re-press so that everyone could get hold of his collection this vinyl.
Spanish are the first who thrust their scalpel in the flesh of the listener. 3 fresh songs was recorded with new drummer but I can’t say that new blood in the band somehow affected on the sound or on material. Boys (and one girl ;)) follow the set course and do not fold out of the way. These song are impregnated with the smell of formalin and with dead bodies smell. Brand sound, inning, evil energy and certainly easily recognizable guitar riffs and vocals! All was made in the greatest traditions old and good Haemorrhage was recognized from the first notes!
Unfortunately Rompeprop decided to stop their activity, so on this split you can hear their two brand new (and I guess, last) songs. These smeared in blood trio don’t change to their traditions too. Guys have recorded very groovy goregrind… here you can hear some rhythms for dance and some fast stuff for good slam. Also they didn’t forget to add in their merry mishmash some stupid intros (I can only say that they are very relevant here). Rompeprop – it`s always fun and good mood (but for someone it is even an erection, hahaha!)
Rating: 9/10 Haemorrhage Rompeprop
Buy this record at Fat Ass rec!

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